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Happy Sunny Day!!!  Basil’s Harvest  is wrapping up a most successful January Soup Share.   I would love to hear about your favorite soups that you have had.  Mine happens to be the Corn & Roasted Poblano Chowder.  I used corn that was picked in Summer ’09 from my mother-in-law’s farm.  Scrumptious to say the least.

If you have not signed up for the February Soup Share, now is the time.  Think about French Onion Soup with large Gruyere covered crouton or Black Bean Soup with cumin seed & roasted garlic rolls.  These are two of 10 soups being offered in the Soup Share. 

Go to www.basilsharvest.com to check out the soups and sign up.  Don’t forget to check out the Peoria Journal Star link that highlighted Basil’s Harvest.

Daniel Fast, Conclusion

January 24, 2010

The end, or the beginning, is here.  I’ve been away from the blog for quite some time.  Why?  I would like to say I am not sure, but I believe I wasn’t ready to listen or share what I was hearing from God.   That is until two young ladies who stopped in Elmwood to visit Basil’s Harvest Friday night.  HE  doesn’t give up even if we don’t show up.  Let me share a little.  .

First, the Daniel Fast was an amazing  journey for me.  As I said before, it really brought out many positive things.  Discipline, Quality spiritual time with my family, A  full body cleanse, nutritionally,  Accountability, my youngest daughter had a huge impact helping me with this,  &  Listening to God,  and sometimes tuning out what God had to say.

I realized I had closed myself off to others and didn’t open up my heart to what was happening until Friday night. 

The Story:

Friday night, 5:45 pm, I am in my shop fixing dinner for the family while the kids are at volleyball practice, until 7:00.  I finish up, stop by the bank, & meander into a new store, Feugo.  While talking, two young ladies walk in looking for Basil’s Harvest@ 6:25 pm  I’m introduced as the owner explain that we close at 5:00 pm on Friday.  They share that they read the article in the PJS, and wanted to eat and see what Basil’s Harvest was about.   I have a tugging in my gut telling me to open my shop to them.  SO, I invite them to the shop, share my story, & answer questions about vegetarian food.  What I needed to do was listen to them.   

They are waiting for a 7:15 movie and hungry.   I offered to make them dinner;  they shared their stories.  

I learned many things. 

#1) These are two incredible women with incredible stories, who happen to be on the Daniel Fast also.  ( One of the big reasons they wanted to see the shop) 

#2)  Support during a time of fast is so important.  I realized that I had my loved ones for support, but didn’t utilize the Big Guy as much as I needed too.  The two women showed my how important it was to give it all to God.

#3)  Lastly, I came to understand that I have knowledge about food that could be a benefit to some people who are unsure of what to eat or how to prepare it.  I was told this at the beginning of the fast, by a good friend,  but didn’t take it to heart until I LISTENED to two women who shared a similar journey with a yearning for thoughts and ideas on the different types of food to eat and the exciting ways to make it taste great.

In conclusion,  I maintained the fast throughout with a couple of bumps in the road during the last week.  The inspiration I received from two strangers encouraged me to finish strong, thank God for the gifts he has given me, and a renewed energy to share my gift with others.

Respectfully Yours,

Erin Meyer

Daniel Fast, Day 8, 9, 10

January 14, 2010

I love food.  I think about it all the time.  I wonder how to season certain items, what to pair with another item, or what would be the best preparation method.  If I’m not thinking about food, I am talking about food.  Whether it be in a presentation, a phone converstion with a friend, or a food related issue with the farm collabarative that I am a part of.  It all centers around food.  The books I read, I know you are shocked, are food related.   I am always trying to learn more…be it Michael Pollan, Ruth Reichel, Lidia Bastianich. 

As I’ve emersed myself into this arena, I also find that I’m eating, and tasting, and sipping, and….the list goes on.  Part of it is my job, but there are days that I think, I only needed to taste that dish one time not three.   Today the light bulb went from a 25 watt to a 100 watt in relationship to my feelings of food.  Discipline. 

I’ve questioned myself on what I should be praying for during the fast: I have a couple of items that I pray about and listen to for answers.  Discipline wasn’t one of thos items.  It just presented itself while I was bagging Granola thinking about how hungry I was.  He said to me, Erin, finish your job completely, your oatmeal with cinnamon and cumin is not going anywhere.  So I did; I was a bit stronger for it. 

This sounds simple, but I know I can use the discipline that has been provided to me to grow stronger.

Daniel Fast, Day 5, 6, & 7

January 11, 2010

The week slipped by, so I thought I would give a couple of hightpoints.

Day 5:  Working in a kitchen puts a little stress on the Fast.  Not so much wanting to eat, but having to taste the foods that I create.  So, I find myself tasting the meatless and breadless products; while, Kelly takes care of all the other foods.   I have to say smelling fresh bread all day was a little unnerving, but I made it through. 

The highlight was doing the recommended family reading, week 1, with my daughter, Hebrews 11.  Not only does God give me strength but the honesty, passion, and emotion that my daughter has helps to give me strength.  We talked about Faith. Her questions were….1. Do you hear God talk to you and how?  How do you know that you have faith?   It’s a moment that I will remember for a long time.   How did I answer?  That is between me and my daughter:) 

Day 6:  Today I prepped for a Dinner Party for 9 people, including myself.  Menu included:  Steak, homegrown in Nebraska, Baked Potatoes, Sweet corn with broccoli, & red peppers, Roasted Carrots with thyme & garlic, & Focaccia Bread.  Dessert included a variety of chocolates and apples wrapped in sinful caramel, chocolate, nuts, & everything else decadent.  I won’t even go into the variety of libations & appetizers.  It was a great night meeting new people and enjoying great food. 

Through it all I followed the fast.  Mark  I read devotions together today.  The strength I gain comes from the support I have.

Day 7:  It was too cold to go outside, in my opinion.  A nice day for a nap, movie, & playing cards with the family.  Chinese stir fry and bean enchiladas and fruit got me through the day.  Spent time reviewing Daniel and looking forward to the new week.